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Mr. Kachaloo – celebrating Hope and Entrepreneurship for the future of Afghanistan

Mr. Kachaloo is a Potato Chips Brand. But instead of a website about potato chips, we decided we want to celebrate the beauty and hope of Afghanistan. We are always searching for positive pictures and stories about our home.

Balloons means hope

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Join the Kabul Startup 101 Group!

Are you looking to start your own company? Are you trying to make the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur? Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build...

Kabul afternoon

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Bamiyan Buddhas (1992)

Nancy Dupree's first book was about Bamiyan, which is in the Central Highlands region of Afghanistan, and where the magnificent Bamiyan Buddhas stood for more than 1500 years until they were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. I made this...

Beautiful Bamyan

@natgeo @unesco Band-e Amir is situated at approximately 75 km to the north-west of the ancient city of Bamyan, close to the town of Yakawlang. Together with Bamiyan Vally, they are the heart of Afghanistan's tourism, attracting thousands...

Old #artlordspiece

Kabul residents walking past one of The Art Lords original pieces of work. The originals were done back in 2010, but have appeared again recently. #kabul #afghanistan #afg #afghan #reportage #artlords #art #streetart #graffiti #heart #painting...