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Mr. Kachaloo – celebrating Hope and Entrepreneurship for the future of Afghanistan

Mr. Kachaloo is a Potato Chips Brand. But instead of a website about potato chips, we decided we want to celebrate the beauty and hope of Afghanistan. We are always searching for positive pictures and stories about our home.

Omaid Sharifi on #GuardiansofHope

"If we all become united, we can be a strong force to change #Afghanistan for better." Watch @OmaidSharifi 's story on #Guardiansofhope — Rumi Consultancy (@RumiConsultancy) 11. September 2017

Goat Shepherd in Bamyan

goat shepherd in Bamiyan. at first he wouldn’t allow me to take a photo of him, so i let him take one of me Ein Beitrag geteilt von joshua bryant ( am 7. Aug 2017 um 10:12 Uhr

Art Lords honoring Nancy Dupree

.@ArtLordsWorld paint large (54 sq m) mural of Nancy Dupree in Kabul. Reads:"My hero Nancy Dupree, the honest protector of Afghan heritage" — Mujib Mashal (@MujMash) 13. September 2017

Interview: Omaid Sharifi, #artlords

They are young. They are creative. They are bold. ArtLords, a collective of artists and change-makers based in Afghanistan, are taking over the country using their pens and brushes. The group paints inspiring murals from tributes to the...