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They are young. They are creative. They are bold. ArtLords, a collective of artists and change-makers based in Afghanistan, are taking over the country using their pens and brushes. The group paints inspiring murals from tributes to the country’s police officers to anti-corruption messages calling on people to stand up for more transparency. They bring color and joy to the walls of our war-torn country and inspire change.

We recently reached out to Omaid Sharifi, a founder of ArtLord, for an interview. Read our conversation and be inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with ArtLords.
Omaid Sharifi, 30, born, raised, educated – to some level – and living in Kabul. We started ArtLords three years ago with Kabir Mokamel, Lima Ahmad and a small group of friends. It was called “I See You” at that time. The team wanted to bring down the ugly security walls and promote critical thinking.

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